How Writing Feedback Can Help You Get Published

Tip #8: Get Feedback Before Submitting a Piece

Top Ten Tips

I encourage you to get feedback from at least one or two people you respect before sending out a piece. At a minimum they can spot typos, but they may also give you valuable comments that will help you craft your piece.

I always show my submissions to at least one person, usually two. I love to get feedback from my sister. She’s not a writer, but she’s my target audience: a middle-aged women with a great sense of humor, smart, honest and easily bored. I can count on her to tell me the truth and that’s critical. What was interesting, funny, boring or confusing? Where did you want more? I tell her she should be a writer, but instead she calls me and says, “You won’t believe what just happened. Do you have pencil?”

Writing is a solitary act, and even if you’re an introvert (like many writers I know), you’ll probably enjoy gathering with other writers. You can find them in a writing class, at conferences, even in online posts looking for people to join writing groups.

It’s great if you can find a writing buddy with whom to exchange work. Choose someone who writes at the same level as you or better, someone whose feedback you’d appreciate. You may agree or not with the comments — just incorporate the ones that make sense to you.

Writers who want to get their work published sometimes work with a writing coach. A coach can give you professional feedback and suggestions on how to craft a piece to appeal to various publications or how to shape a book manuscript.