Back to Basics – Formatting Your Piece

Getting Into Print – Here Are Your Basics for Formatting Your Piece by Laura Deutsch

Back to School

• Type your piece in 12-point Times or New Times Roman

• Double-space

• Minimum margins of 1 inch, top and bottom, left and right. (I use 1.25-inch left and right margins, so the editor can make notes more easily.)

Your header should contain your name and contact information (email and telephone), title of the piece, and word count. Your footer should have page numbers. (I center mine.)

Here’s a typical format for the header:

Laura Deutsch                                                                                 The Rhythms of Arezzo / [tel. # here]                                                                1210 words

Some publications will ask you to paste your piece into the body of the email. Make sure you check layout if that’s the case. Single spacing is okay for this, but add a line space between paragraphs. Continue reading